Trophy Guide / "Badges" Objective

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Whether the story is long or short, it doesn't matter to us, completing it 100% will require commitment. Let's start immediately with the hunt for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes collectibles.

Trophy Guide / "Badges" Objective

The coats of arms of the fox unit that we will have to find to unlock the "Badges" achievement are 9 in total and are scattered throughout the duration of the only main mission in the game, called Ground Zeroes. I remember that, by finding all the badges, in addition to the result you will also unlock the Extra mission "Never Seen" if you play on Xbox One or 360, or the mission "Already seen" if you play on PS4 or PS3 instead.

Pay attention to the last badge: while the first 8 are collected as normal collectibles, the 9th appears after a cutscene that is activated only after you have stretched out on the ground and rolled several times to the right and left (watch the video). Then press the X (on Playstation) / A (on Xbox) button, then aim and push the left stick down to start rolling, any place is fine as long as it is outside.

Remember that the progress on the FOX unit badges collected are saved only after reaching the checkpoint, the result will be unlocked upon completion of the mission, after the credits.

The badges are well hidden and not easy to find, use the night vision device to make things easier and use this video that shows where all the badges of the FOX unit are. Happy game everyone!

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