Trophy Guide / "Unlimited Power" achievement

The Witcher 5 Wild Hunt 3 Places of Power Guide [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Make sure that the bonuses of all Places of Power are active at the same time.

Trophy Guide / "Unlimited Power" achievement

The Places of Power are 5, one for each of the five signs, marked with question marks on the map. They are ritual stones hidden in the woods of the White Orchard map, where the game begins.

By visiting and activating a place of power you will earn a skill point and receive a significant boost for one of your signs. However, this effect remains active ONLY for 30 minutes. This means that you need to activate all the stones in quick succession, which does not prove extremely difficult considering that you have 30 minutes to reach all 5 places, even less if you use the fast travel.

In the video above you can see where the five places of power are and how to reach them all quickly to unlock the achievement.

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