Trophy / Objective Guide "To find the enchanted golds"

Lego The Hobbit: guide to find all the Minikits


After seeing how to find all the projects, today we take care of the Lego the Hobbit Minikits.

Trophy / Objective Guide "To find the enchanted golds"

As in all previous chapters, even in Lego The Hobbit we will have our work cut out for collect the Minikits scattered throughout the game levels. Also this time they will be 10 per level, which multiplied by the 16 levels of the campaign give a total of 160 Minikits to find.

Remember that it will not be possible to collect a good part of the Minikits until you have finished the game at least once. In fact, many Minikits can only be reached and collected using the skills of particular characters that are unlocked after finishing the game or in any case later in the campaign. For this reason, I recommend that you finish the game first and then play again in free mode to recover the missing Minikits.

Below is the list of all 16 levels of the game with a link leading to a video showing where to find all the Minikits present in the level. The videos also show the location of Projects and precious objects.

IMPORTANT: to facilitate the work and locate them more easily you can use the trick of "Minikit detector". To use this and all the other cheats, follow the tricks of Lego The Hobbit and the guide to find all the Red Bricks.


Level Minikit "The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth"

"An Unexpected Party" level minikit

"Azog the Defiler" level minikit

"Roast Mutton" level minikit

"Treasure of the Trolls" level minikit

Minikit level "On the hill and below the hill"

"Goblin City" level minikit

Minikit level "From the pan ..."

"Bizarre Accommodation" Level Minikit

"Flies and spiders" level minikit

"Desoldered Barrels" level minikit

Minikit level "A warm welcome"

Minikit level "Proof is needed"

"The Necromancer" Level Minikit

"On the threshold" level minikit

"Secret Information" level minikit

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