Two Worlds 2 - Cheat Codes for the console on PC

Two Worlds 2 - Cheat Codes for the console on PC

A bit of code to insert into Two Worlds II on PC

Here's what you need to do to use some cheat codes with Two Worlds 2 on PC.

During the game press ENTER and the console will open to enter the codes. Now type twoworldscheats to enable cheats.
NOTE: if the message "unknown code" appears try to use twoworldscheats 1

Now you can insert the following cheats to unlock the desired effect. If you do not first enable the cheats as described above by entering the following codes nothing will happen.

god 1
level 100, all skills, God mode
healh life to the fullest
setgold [number] set the amount of gold you want to have
addgold [number] set the amount of gold to add
addexperiencepoints [number] add experience points
addparampoints [number]
addskillpoints [number] add skill points
ec.dbg levelup level up
ec.dbg skills unlock all skills
ec.dbg iamcheater set all attributes to 1000
ec.dbg levelup10 adds 10 levels
ec.addobjecttoinventory [object] [number] adds a given object (see below)
setstrength [number]
set the power
resetfog complete map
time [-0 255] set the time of day


Here is the list of codes to be used with the trick
ec.addobjecttoinventory [object] [number].
When using this trick, put one of the following codes in place of object and the desired quality in figures instead of number to unlock the relevant object.

ep_fabric ep_fire ep_leather ep_metal ep_necro ep_steel ep_wood ep_chainmail ep_wind ep_earth ep_water
We have tested these codes and they are fully functional. For any support request we are available as always in FORUM!


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